10 Important Things To Consider When Planning An Event

Women enjoying drinks from cocktail making class

Every event has come across its troubles. Sometimes Plan A doesn’t follow through and planners have to resort to Plan B. However, don’t let the little stuff get to you. No event will be perfect, so don’t stress out over the little mistakes. Just know that with a little planning, we can try to make … Read more

How To Plan a 21st Birthday

So the day is edging closer to the biggest birthday party you’ll likely have until you’re like 40 – your 21st. Organising the party will probably be your job, or maybe a family member will be arranging the event. Either way, there are a few essential ingredients that go into staging a successful and unforgetable … Read more

12 Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

If your corporate Christmas party needs a little refreshing you have come to the right place! We are bringing you some new and unique company holiday party ideas that will breathe life into your next event. If you find yourself doing the same thing year after year your employees might be bored or even dread … Read more

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