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If you are getting married, or are planning to, then you owe it to yourself and your friends to hold a hen’s night party.

As the one getting married you may be taking on this task yourself. Otherwise you could be searching for the ultimate hens party venue as the Maid of Honour.

Either way, by stumbling onto this page you now have the power to ensure this upcoming hens do will be an amazing and unforgettable event.

The Med Sydney is here to help you create a Hens night party you, the bride and all the other hens will never forget.

Best Venue in Sydney for Hens Night Parties

Planning a hens party can be stressful. With all the organising and coordinating. Fortunately our hens night party packages remove this hassle.

Offering various options including exciting games, male strip show, drinking, dancing, DJ’s, a Mediterranean banquet dinner and more. We comfortably seat and cater for up to 300 people.

Go all out with our Ultimate Hens night package which lasts all afternoon and night. Get involved with burlesque dancing, cocktail making classes, topless waiters, interactive shows, fun games and more. Everyone will be thoroughly entertained and loving it.

Click into the packages below to learn more about the details of each.

Our Sydney Hens Night Packages

hens party sydney
Ultimate Hens
Men in uniform sydney
Men in Uniform
Dinner only
Dinner Only

What’s a Hen’s Night?

If you have been living under a rock, you may be asking “what’s a hen’s night?”

Well, a hen’s night, or a hen’s night party is basically the female version of a stag party or buck’s night. You know, the one the guy’s throw for their male friend that is getting married.

A stag party is basically the guy’s last night as a single man, so his friends take him to celebrate it. A hen’s night is basically the same thing, but for ladies. Essentially it’s the last time the bride will hang out with her friends without a ring on her finger. And that is a reason to celebrate!

In these cases, you want to ‘go out with a bang’. How then do you plan the perfect hen’s night party for you, or your friend?

We Host the Best Hen’s Party in Sydney

To host the perfect hen’s party in Sydney, all you need is to simply use The Mediterranean Sydney.

Otherwise know as The Med Sydney, is your best bet to holding the perfect Hen’s night.

We take care of everything for you. Starting with a lovely venue, to the cuisine, the drinks and of course, the entertainment.

Get Excited With The Hunks From Generation Men

The Med Sydney Hens Night Party Packages

At the Med Sydney, we offer you and your girls the best treatment. We take care of all the planning, preparation and best of all, the clean up. You get exactly what you want and even more.

Our Hens night parties happen almost every Saturday night. These Saturday nights are also know as Ladies Night.

First, we start things off at 3:30pm with the Ultimate Hens Night Party which goes all afternoon and into the night. As our venue has capacity for over 300 people we take groups of all sizes until we sell out.

If you don’t want to party as long as the Ultimate party goers, then you may choose to join us later in the evening. We have different options depending on how wild you want to get.

  1. Ultimate Hens Party – The best and wildest party you can imagine.
  2. Men In Uniform Show – The sexy and raunchy male strip show for all the girls.
  3. Dinner Only – A more elegant and reserved dinner with plenty of games and entertainment.

This is what you can expected from a Hens Night Party at The Med Sydney. Where you join the party all depends on which package you choose.

3:30pm - Ultimate Hens Night Package Begins

This is appropriately named as the ultimate package. Starting in the mid afternoon we get you involved with interactive classes including:

  • Life Drawing
  • Burlesque Dancing
  • Cocktail Making

Of course the bar is always open and you are building the foundation for a fun and exciting night to come.

6pm - Men In Uniform Package Begins & Ultimate Package Continues

The party continues for those part of the Ultimate package and is just getting started for those joining in for the Men in Uniform package.

First you will be seated and served either Canapes or a Full Banquet dinner as per your chosen package. Of course you will also need to get a drink in your hand ready for the upcoming show.

Taking centre stage are the super sexy Men in Uniform male performers. Try not to leave your jaw on the floor and clean up that drool from your chin. This exciting and wild striptease show is spectacular to see. Secure your spot now.

8pm - Dinner Only Package Starts & Other Packages Continue

While the title of this package suggests you only have a meal, that is quite far from the reality. After all this is all about celebrating a Hens party!

With the Dinner Only package you will be treated to a Full Banquet dinner and then join the other hen’s party crews who have just enjoyed the Men in Uniform show.

Not sure why you would choose to miss out on sexy male striptease show? But if you do choose this package, you will still gain the following, along with those from the other packages:

  • Topless waiters serving your drinks
  • Fun & Exciting Games
  • DJ and Dancing
  • Interactive Drag Queen show
  • Free night club entry to other local venues

We also have drink packages to keep you partying as much as you like without having to worry about paying for each round.

Remove the Hassle from Your Hens Night Party

Imagine you had to spend time trying to arrange all of this yourself, attempting to ensure that every single aspect of the night is perfect. You’ll probably be so stressed that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the party. That is what we want to help you avoid at The Mediterranean Sydney.

We specialise in event management services include catering and entertainment. No matter the look or feel you’re going for, simple and elegant or wild and crazy, we’ve got it you.

From the first minute you walk through our doors, you get premium treatment. Whether you feel like canapes and champagne first, or you’d rather have a sumptuous dinner, we’ve got you covered.

Our various options such as dancing and drink-mixing from the ultimate package are sure to make your hens party truly legendary. Our dedicated and experienced team are ready, willing and available to assist you in any way that you need. The end results? The Perfect Hen’s Night, perfectly suited to your tastes.

You’d think that our services would be crazily expensive, but you’ll be shocked at our pocket-friendly rates. We’ll work with whatever budget you have in mind and deliver the best Hen’s night you can imagine. Check out the package options pages for up to date prices.

Sydney Hens Party Experts

At the Med Sydney, we’ve been holding and hosting Hens party events for many years now. This places us in a unique position of having the experience and connections to get you anything that you need or want for the best ever Hen’s night.

So, for your Hen’s night, just tell us your requirements and budget, and we’ll get to work to create the perfect night. All you need to worry about is getting the perfect dress and your makeup done.

At The Med Sydney, we create lasting memories by hosting special events. Get in touch with us today and let’s get your Hens party started.

Our Sydney Hens Party Packages

hens party sydney
Ultimate Hens
Men in uniform sydney
Men in Uniform
Dinner only
Dinner Only

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