Entertaining Hens Party Activities

When planning your own or a friend’s hens party, there are certain activities that should be included to make it fun and enjoyable.

Everyone needs to get the most out of the event and there is no better way to do so than with fun activities that get everyone involved.

Whether the party is during the day or at night, there should always be a way of keeping the bride to be happy and make her feel special. Not to mention, the event should be entertaining for all the other hens too.

As you choose activities for a hen’s party, you must keep in mind the location of the event. As you will soon realise, some activities require large spaces while others need a more intimate setting.

Throw an All-Out, All-Inclusive Party

When planning a hens party, there are two particularly important things you need to remember. First you need a group of hens and secondly you need to party.

So why not go all out and throw a huge party to celebrate this special event?

Go on! Hire the male strippers, drape hens-party sashes on all your crew and drink from penis straws.

Go all-out and make it entertaining for everyone, not just the soon to be wed, bride.

Is this something you are interested in? If so, The Med Sydney is the place for you. Every Saturday night is ladies night with a male revue show, topless male waiters, and plenty of other entertainment.

Enjoy A Different View & Go on a Cruise

If your location offers cruise expeditions, especially Harbour or river ones, you should go for it.

Become tourists while at the same time make the hens party fun. Add cocktails, champagne, and other drinks as you enjoy nature’s beauty and surroundings.

This can be a relaxing experience or a wild adventure, it is all up to you.

Go Back in Time with a School Sports Day

It is fun going back to school years with people you enjoy being with. Especially if you all went to school together many years ago.

This is a great activity for a hen’s party where hens compete against each other. You can also opt to have prizes for the winners or do it just for fun.

Include activities such as hula hooping, relay, sack races, space hopper, and egg and spoon races.

In addition to this, you can play your favorited sports such as netball, football, table tennis or badminton, among others.

Just remember this is a time of letting loose and having fun.

Get Sassy with Burlesque Lessons

Going for burlesque lessons where the girls learn the art of teasing and various artistic moves is fun.

This is all about learning the art of striptease which is something that almost every girl secretly wants to learn. It is important to know even when you do not plan to practice it on a stage.

Book some lessons and learn how to make those sexy moves for bedroom purposes, and for those that plan to get on stage, it is a great chance to perfect those moves and overcome stage fright.

Doing this with any group of girls is a great bonding experience so why not incorporate it into your hens party. Once again, The Med Sydney comes through with this activity too.

Add Surprise with Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting can be an exciting experience for all the hens.

Get creative and there is no limit to how large you can make this activity.

Spread the treasure hunt across a large area. This will encourage a lot of movement which is a great way to go sightseeing and have fun while at it.

Once again, this activity gets everyone involved. 

What Activities Will You Incorporate into Your Hens Party?

By now your creative juices should be flowing and some new ideas may be flooding in. If not choose something already listed.

To make things even simpler make a booking at The Med Sydney for an all-out, all-inclusive hens party with lots of activities including cocktail making and burlesque dancing.

Whatever activities your choose for your hens party, make sure you spend enough time on the planning. You want this event to be extra special and unforgettable.

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