Ultimate Hen Party Checklist – Steps to Plan a Hen Party

Organizing a hen’s night might sound all fun. But there’s a lot of planning to pull off the ultimate hen party in Sydney.  

Choosing the right activities, making the bride happy and setting a budget are all the tasks that make planning a hen party tough.

We have compiled this ultimate hen’s party checklist to help you out.

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1. Speak to the Bride

While you might have plenty of ideas for the party, talk to the bride about what she wants. Here are some questions to ask her:

  • Will it be relaxing, naughty or adventurous? 
  • Who’ll be there? 
  • Does she want it to be a surprise? 

If she wants it to be a surprise, think about her likes. Is she a party animal or the quiet type? While you want to consider the preferences and tastes of the bride. It is also important to leave out a few surprises.

2. Make a Guest List

Once you know what the bride wants and who she wants to invite, it is time to prepare a guest list. The guest includes usually includes all the bridesmaids and close friends of the bride. 

Depending on how well the bride goes with her mum and mum-in-law, they can also be invited.

Traditionally, hen night is an all-women event. You also want to set up a way to communicate with hens involved in the planning process. Creating a chat group is the easiest way to communicate and send important updates.

3. Set the Date:  

Picking a date can be a chore. That’s why starting early is very crucial. Choose a convenient date together with the bride when most guests can attend. Also, involve key hens when setting a date. You want to consider the availability of key people on the guest list while selecting a date. Remember, you can’t please everyone. Sometimes the only option is to modify the guest list.

4. Agree on A Budget  

After setting a date, you can focus on the hen party budget. The average cost per person can vary from $50 to as much as $1000. 

Your hen party budget determines what exactly you can afford. Since the costs are split among the guests, you want to take into account everyone’s financial situation. Once you figure out how much everyone can spend, you can prepare for the next step.

5. Pick a Venue for the Hen Party  

Picking a venue is a crucial part of planning a hen party in Sydney. You want to book a venue 6 to 8 weeks before the party. Before picking a venue consider the location, pricing and capacity. You also want to consider the theme and activities you plan for the night. All these factors all crucial to picking the right venue. 

6. Choose Games and Activities

Once you pick a venue, you can start planning activities and games for the night. A hen party is incomplete without a mix of games and activities. You’ve as many options as you can imagine. Following the interests of the bride-to-be can help you pick the right activities and games.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of fun ideas. These ideas help you organize a super fun hen party on a budget. 

7. Book Catering and other Services  

For a well-organised hen party, you want to hire a whole range of professionals. This includes catering staff, photographers, professional entertainers, etc. 

If you have booked a restaurant or pub for the party, you don’t have to make arrangements for the food and drinks separately. But you still want to consider the dietary restrictions of your guests. 

Professional entertainers at your hen party in Sydney can elevate the experience of the guests. Additionally, you want to hire a photographer to capture the memories. You also want to have the time to double-check all the bookings and clarify details with the vendors.

8. Decorate the Venue  

Decorating the venue can be a quite time-consuming task. Don’t leave this important task to the last minute. Depending on the theme of your hen night and venue you might have to plan the decorations.

Choose from popular hen decor items such as balloons, banners and buntings. It is easy to go overboard with decorations, but you want to consider your budget before investing in decorations.

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9. Collect Party Contribution from Guests/Hens

After planning every detail, collect the money from the hens. You can collect it electronically or in person. Transparency is key when it comes to money. Don’t wait until the last minute, collecting contributions early reduces the chances of drop cuts. At the same time, you allow guests to plan and start saving money early.

10 Confirm it All!

Now, it’s time to confirm every single detail. This allows you to make sure that you don’t forget anything. Planning a hen party in Sydney? Contact the friendly team at The Mediterranean Sydney to discuss your requirements. Our hens’ packages in Sydney cover all bases for a smooth and spectacular experience for you and your guests.

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