Themed Party Restaurant in Sydney

Choose From Over 50 Different Themes

Let’s face it, theme parties are fun and exciting. Who doesn’t love dressing up in costume and acting out their favourite character all night long?

At The Med Sydney, we are a specialised themed party restaurant with over 50 different themes ready for you to choose from.

With our themed parties, you can create an event around any topic you love. It’s the perfect way to transform that ordinary birthday, celebration or other party into an extraordinary one.

The Best Theme Party Venue in Sydney

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, creating and hosting a theme party is a perfect way to showoff your passion and get others involved in the festivities.

Although thinking of a theme for your party is only one part in a complex list of decisions you need to make. The venue for your theme party is as equally important. At The Med Sydney, we help you with that.

Our venue is perfect for all of your event needs. As a licensed venue with multiple bars and function rooms, we provide both dining and entertainment for your event.

Our venue can comfortably seat and entertain over 300 guests and provide a fantastic experience all round.

Why Choose The Med Sydney as Your Themed Party Restaurant?

For starters our restaurant has a long history of throwing themed parties in Sydney. But let’s explore more reasons why you should choose us.

Perfectly Decorated Venue

The first thing that you and your theme party get from us is a suitable venue, decorated to your taste. 

Depending on your selected, we decorate the venue to reflect that theme. We’ll adjust the mood, lighting and colors till the venue reflects the theme of the party perfectly.

Delicious Cuisine Options

Next, we take care of the dining. A party without food is not a party. Thus, at The Mediterranean Sydney, we provide you with the kind of meal that you and your guests want.

From Continental dishes to local ones and even special cuisines, our skilled catering team is more than able and willing to take up any challenge to see your guests completely satisfied. And by satisfied, we mean, the really-full, burping and rubbing-their-bellies kind of satisfied.

Awesome Entertianment

The final piece that makes an event spectacular is the entertainment.

Eating in silence is just unnerving. Whatever your entertainment options are, we can arrange it for you.

Choose from a live band that will deliver the perfect soundtrack that suit your themed party. We also have some of the best DJs in Sydney to produce the perfect sound for your event.

And if you have your own special act lined up, we have a professional stage that can be used to deliver the perfect performance.

At the Med Sydney, ensuring that your audience is thrilled, wowed, and satisfied is our job.

We’ve served countless clients, as seen in our high rating on Google. As a result of our experience, we have all the connections needed to ensure that you get whatever it is that you need for your event.

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