The Ultimate Hens Night Packing List for Sydney for All Seasons

Do you want to arrive at your hen night only to discover that you’ve left most of your essentials at home?

Obviously, you don’t want it. No matter whether you have planned a ladies night out in Sydney or heading somewhere else, you want to make it memorable. Therefore, to avoid the panic, you should have a packing list of things you need, even maybe things you have no idea about. Hen’s party is going to be a night to remember, so ensure you don’t spoil it by missing essentials.
That’s why we have created a packing list of essentials you will need to have an unforgettable time.
Jump in to know the details.

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Factors Determining the Packing List

Before you start your packing, you need to decide:

• Where are you heading to?
• Season
• Kind of activities
• Accommodations
• Time duration you are going for

Exclusive Hen Party Packing List

  1. Basics & Emergencies

We understand everything is available online today but still keep a printed backup of important details like as:

• Your IDs, entry tickets (if going to some clubs, activities, etc.)
• Some cash in local currency
• Print out of booking details
• Contact list of group members and suppliers

  1. Travel Essentials (If heading somewhere out of city)

Ensure you’ve ticked off these essentials from your hen party packing list before you get on the plane:

• Your passport
• Travel visa (if applicable)
• Travel insurance documentation
• Travel Plug adaptors

  1. Hens Night Essentials

Some top accessories you will need:

• Hen party bags
• Travel face masks
• Hen party t-shirts
• L-Plates
• Tiaras
• Flower crowns
• Tote bags
• Matching swimsuits
• Matching make up bags
• Badges
• Headbands
• Straws
• Sunglasses
• Masks
• Drink toppers
• Cake toppers
• Bunting
• Photo props
• Balloons
• Piñatas
• Inflatables
• Themed costumes
• Other decorations

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  1. Clothing

The clothes you pack for your hen party depend on where you’re going, how long you’ll be there, and what you’ll be doing. Check out this list and choose what fits your plans best.

• Sleepwear
• Swimsuits
• Undergarments
• Heavy coats
• Rain coat
• Lightweight jackets
• Tank tops
• Casual tops
• Beach dress
• Party skirts
• Trousers and jeans


Carry comfortable shoes as you will be walking and dancing.

• Sandals
• Flip flops
• Sneakers
• Ankle boots
• Snow boots
• Hiking boots
• High heels or dress shoes

  1. Toiletries

First, check your hen party accommodation to know what is provided and what not.

• Hand sanitizers
• Breath mints
• Toothpaste and brush
• Dental floss
• Shampoo & conditioner
• Body wash
• Menstrual cup, tampons or sanitary pads

  1. Medication and First Aid

The health and safety of all the group members are important when organizing a hen party. So ensure to carry necessary medications for some specific condition. Also include basic first aid essentials like:

• Band-aids
• Pain killers
• Antiseptic creams
• Tissues

  1. Entertainment and Drinks

To have a fun and memorable ladies night out in Sydney, remember to keep game essentials. Ensure to pack some fun party games such as “Truth or Dare” or “Pin the Pistol on the Cowboy” to keep everyone entertained. Don’t forget any props or accessories required for the games or activities you have planned. The goal is to keep everyone engaged and having a great time throughout the celebration.

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  1. Beauty & Makeup

• Face wash
• Nail polish
• Nail clippers
• Makeup brushes
• Makeup removers
• Cotton buds
• Facial wipes
• Hand cream
• Lip care

  1. Other Accessories

• Umbrella
• Sun hat
• Gloves
• Scares
• Belts
• Hair ties
• Bobby pins
• Sunglasses
• Handbag

  1. Electronics

In today’s digital age, tech items are the most essential thing to carry for your hen party in Sydney or elsewhere. Your electronics can be a lifesaver, whether it’s for finding directions, keeping your battery charged, or ensuring your hair looks perfect for a night out.

• Phone & charger
• Ear buds
• Smart watch
• Power-bank
• Portable Bluetooth speakers
• Laptop & charger
• Hair straightener
• Camera

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Wrapping Up

We hope now you have the idea what to take for your hen night in Sydney or elsewhere. With the above list, you can enjoy your night out without missing anything.

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