Hens’ Party vs. Bridal showers: What’s the difference?

Pre-wedding celebrations that used to be small gatherings have become more elaborate in recent years. From engagement parties to bridal showers and hen parties, these events add to the excitement before the big day.

Hens’ party and bridal showers both play important roles in wedding celebrations. However, both are poles opposite ways to celebrate the same event. 

Here we are going to look at the differences between the two pre-wedding events and give you some tips to plan one or both. 

hens party

1. Tone

Hen Party

A hen party is a bold and loud celebration with lots of naughty humour. Party games and iconic hen party accessories add to the naughty humour of this night. With a good hens’ venue in Sydney, you can make the event even more fun and exciting.

Bridal Showers  

On the other hand, bridal showers are much more sophisticated and elegant. While it may not be as fun and carefree as a hen party, it is the perfect occasion for friends to chat and laugh.

2. Purpose

Hen Party

A hen party gives the soon-to-be bride a final night of freedom before wedding nerves kick in. To fulfil this purpose, all manners of entertainment are part of the night. Lately, male stripper services have become popular as well.  This adds more excitement and adventure to the hen night.

Bridal Showers

The purpose of bridal showers is to let the bride unwind and spend some quality time with friends and family. This pleasant alternative to a hen party aims to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for the bride-to-be. The theme is generally classy with plenty of food. While the purpose is similar, the approach is different from a hen’s night.

3. Budget

Hen Party

Usually, at a hen party, all the hens pay for themselves. The budget generally depends on the venue and activities. When it comes to hens’ venues in Sydney, you can find options for every budget. 

Bridal Showers  

Bridal showers are generally cheaper than a hen party. The event is hosted by the bride’s family who pays for the food and drinks.  

4. Gifts

Hen Party

Gift-giving is a popular touch to the hen night. The hens often receive gift bags with chocolates, beauty products, etc.

Bridal Showers

At a bridal shower, guests usually bring gifts. The custom of giving gifts to the bride is to help her set up her new home.

5. What Happens

Hen Party

Hen parties have evolved with time. Also, you can expect every party to be different with so many hens’ night ideas in Sydney. It could be a night out, a spa day or a movie night. Depending on the style of the bride-to-be, you can expect some or a lot of music and dancing.  

Bridal Shower

Most showers last a few hours. It can take place in the early morning or afternoon. The activities that take place depend on the taste of the bride’s family. Fun games and entertainment are also a part of almost every bridal shower.

6. Organizers

Hen Party

Several events happen before a wedding, but few are bolder and more exciting than a hen party. This pre-wedding event is organized by bridesmaids and close friends. They take the role of party planners. All the costs are divided between the attendees. With close friends taking control of the planning, the bride’s tastes and preferences are prime considerations.

 Bridal Shower  

On the other hand, bridal showers are planned by the bride’s family members. It could also be the bride’s mother, close friends, or any relatives. Ultimately, anyone close to the bride can organize this event.

The lighthearted celebration is designed to shower the bride with some gifts and good wishes. Bridal showers usually occur a few weeks before the wedding. 

 7. Guests  

A Hen Party  

A hen party is an all-female event. The people you to hen night typically include close friends, family members (females only), in-laws (female only) and workmates. If your mum is fun and up for a laugh you can invite her to the hen party. 

You can also invite your mother-in-law and other older people you get along with to have a good time. It is hard to give an exact number, the number of guests depends on your friendship group. Your guest list also depends on the venue that you select. Once you choose a hen’s venue in Sydney, you can prepare the guest list. 

Bachelor Party

Bridal Shower

At a bridal show, close friends and female family members gather. It is an intimate gathering, and you will generally not invite all wedding guests. You may find it hard to narrow down the guest list. 

People from the bride’s close social circle and college friends are generally at the top of the guest list. You can also invite friends of your future spouse if you are close to them. Nowadays, it is also usual to have a joint shower for couples. You can also have more than one shower in different locations to accommodate different guests.


Hen party and bridal showers are two popular pre-wedding events that are very different. The choice typically depends on the bride. You can choose to have both the hen’s party and bridal shower or one of them. Looking for a venue for your hen’s party or bridal shower? Contact us today. With The Med, planning and hosting your event in Sydney is a breeze.

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