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Whether it is your own, a friends or family members hens party, you have questions that you need answered. We get it.

Find answers to the most commonly asked hens party questions below.

In modern times a hen party is a female celebration for a women before she gets married. It is basically known as her final party with all her girlfriends before she tie’s the knot.

This party could be a hens day, hens night or a hens weekend involving domestic or international travel and accommodation. How elaborate your hens-do is all depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend.

Also, a hens party is the female equivalent of the male Stag Do, also know as a Bucks Party.

Of course as hens parties have evolved over the years there are now so many varying hen’s party ideas. How you wish to celebrate your hens party is all up to you (or your friends).

A Hen Party is also known as a Hen-Do or Bachelorette Party. But why is this the case?

The term Hen was historically used to refer to a female of any species. At these times, the term Stag was used to refer to males.

Based on this a Hen Party was used to refer to any all-female celebration. However, it was not until around the 1970’s that the term hen party was used to refer to a female pre-wedding celebration.

The term bachelorette simply means unmarried women.

Today the terms hen party, hen-do and bachelorette party are commonly used for the female pre-wedding celebration.

The amount of things to do on a hens night is limitless. What you decide on all depends on the girls you are with, where you will be going and how much excitement you want to have.

For example you may give a list of tasks that the bachelorette must do with a suitable reward if she achieves them all, or a punishment if she fails.

These tasks could be exciting, daring or humiliating. Remember though this night is meant to be fun so don’t go overboard and keep it inclusive.

Normally these dares will involve interacting with other people, in particular cute or hot guys. Some ideas include changing items of clothing or getting a cheeky kiss, all with photo proof of course. You are only restricted by your imagination here.

You may also make the bachelorette wear something that is selected by your hens party. Or you may decide to get the whole hen group involved by wearing matching clothing items, sashes or other accessories. Penis straws and other penis related items are always a great addition.

If you have time you can find plenty of online sellers to buy hen party sashes for the bride-to-be and bridesmaids, and other accessories from.

Of course just be mindful that you allow delivery time. As a tip, make sure you are buying form a local Australian supplier and even then check delivery times.

Alternatively you can pop into any local costume shop and they should have plenty in stock. If not check out dedicated hen party decoration stores. A quick Google search will reveal the store venues closest to you.

Whether you are the bride to be, the maid of honour or one of the bridesmaids, organizing a hen party can be a big responsibility.

To ensure you plan for an unforgettable experience that the bride will thank you for follow these simple steps.

  1. Get the list of attendees.
  2. Set a per person budget for the hen party, and don’t forget the bachelorette should not pay for herself.
  3. Do your research and choose an event or activities that everyone will enjoy (The Med Sydney makes this step easy).
  4. Create a list of tasks for the bachelorette (or maybe everyone) to do on the hen day.
  5. Buy some hen party accessories to get everyone in your hen party involved and make your crew stand out.
  6. Have an absolutely amazing experience!

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